Ultimate Smurfing Guide and Tierlist

April 27th, 2023

Ultimate Smurfing Guide and Tierlist

Smurfing is a popular phenomenon in League of Legends where players create fresh new accounts to climb the ranks and improve their win rate. Since Riot Games launched the smurfing queue, this has become a difficult task as now players are matched against other smurfs, which means they need to adopt specific strategies to succeed. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks that can help players achieve more wins while smurfing.

Strategies to Win More Games While Smurfing

While smurfing, it is easy to get ahead, but winning the game is another story. Here are some tips you can follow to increase your chances of winning:

  • Get Objectives: While getting kills can put you ahead in gold, it does not guarantee objectives. Try to secure towers, dragons, and heralds to boost your chance of winning. Did you know that getting dragons can increase your win rate by 5% and heralds by 2%?

  • Help Out Your Team: Smurfing may give you an advantage, but you are still playing a team game. Help your teammates get ahead as well, as they cannot help you win if they are far behind.

  • Have a Strong Mentality: Playing with toxic players may lead to becoming toxic yourself, or even going inting. This will harm your win rate in the long run. Stay positive and let the toxic players be themselves.

  • Play What You're Good At: Keep playing champions you are confident with. Do not start playing random champions or lanes you have little experience with.

  • Play With a Duo: Playing alone can still get you a high win rate, but playing with someone else can boost your win rate exponentially. If your duo is lacking, just switch to a new partner.

  • Take Breaks: While smurfing, you are probably playing for long hours. Taking breaks after every three games can help you maintain your focus and mental strength.

Smurfing Solo

Sometimes, you may not be able to play with a duo, making it harder to win more games. However, some champions in each role can make it easier to win solo. Here are five champions in each role that can help you win games while playing solo:

Top: Jax, Irelia, Camille, Gwen, Kled

In the top lane, dominating the enemy laner is crucial, allowing you to push for objectives or roam to other lanes. These champions can accomplish that task perfectly. However, in the top lane, you can get countered quite easily, so try to be the last pick and counter the enemy laner with one of these picks.

Jungle: Evelynn, Shaco, Rengar, Viego, Wukong

In the jungle, you can have two roles. The first one is to get as many lanes ahead with your presence and get kills, while the second option is to focus on objectives. Try to get every objective on the map, which will give your team a lead without them even noticing.

Mid: Kassadin, Qiyana, Katarina, Veigar, Pantheon

Mid lane is an interesting role, with many ways to get a lead. Some may require roaming around the map, while others would instead farm their way to the top. These champions listed can excel at one of these roles. It is up to you to find the right fit.

ADC: Xayah, Twitch, Draven, Kai’sa, Tristana

As an ADC, your goal is to get ahead so you can carry the late game. Be aware that being an ADC requires a team to defend you. The champions listed may be able to play alone better, but it is still difficult if you do not have a support that helps you out.

Smurfing Duo

Smurfing can be challenging since you need to carry multiple people in your game. The best way to solve this issue is to play with someone else who's also a smurf. By doing this, you can play together and win more games. However, finding a duo partner can be difficult. That's why we've compiled a list of potential duo options for you to consider.

Top Lane + Jungle

Duoing as a top laner and jungler gives you the advantage of playing from the side. If you set up the jungle properly, you can get many kills together and snowball the game. However, it's important to help out the bot lane if they're losing.

Examples of great picks include:

Elise + Bruiser (High CC + Tower Dive Potential)
This comp is easy to play. The top laner lowers the enemy's HP, and then the duo sets up a dive with a slow push under the tower. Elise tanks and secures the kill.

Nidalee + Renekton (W Renekton stun equals free kill)
After reaching level 3 with Nidalee, Renekton uses empowered W and Nidalee throws a max range spear. This guarantees a kill.

Evelynn + Sejuani (High CC + Easy to Chase)
Safely reach level 6 first, and then keep returning to the top lane with Sejuani's passive and ultimate and Evelynn's W. The enemy should not be able to escape.

Taliyah + Jax (High Scaling + Good CC Setup with Jax E and Taliyah E)
Use stun combos and hide in bushes to get close to the enemy laner. If they stay under the tower, let Jax tank. This should result in free kills.

Master Yi + Ornn (Good Scaling + Tower Diving)
Instead of ganking the lane, both players should focus on scaling. Give all item upgrades to Master Yi, so he can run the enemy team down. Ornn can consider buying support items for Yi.

Mid Lane + Jungle

This is the most common duo combo. The benefit is that you're playing in the middle of the map, making it easy to move to other lanes and help them out. However, queuing up as mid lane and jungle may result in getting autofilled often.

Examples of good duo combos include:

Viego + Veigar (Catching People + CC)
Use Veigar's cage to catch the enemy and then use Viego's W to stun them in place. This makes it easy for Veigar to hit all of their abilities and secure the kill.

Rengar + Katarina (High Damage, Easy to Snowball)
This duo is amazing at snowballing in lower elo games. They can get kills in any lane and run over the enemy team with their insanely high damage.

Master Yi + Taric/Lulu (High Scaling, Chinese Boosters)
An old-school Chinese boosting duo, both players should focus on scaling Yi until he can one-shot the entire team. While not as popular now, it can still be a fun way to duo.

Shaco + Syndra (CC Chain, Scaling and Good Setups)
Shaco and Syndra have the option to chain CC, and they have a great setup. Syndra can hit a stun with her E, and then Shaco places a box and starts attacking the enemy. If this doesn't kill the enemy, Syndra can use her ultimate to secure the kill.

Lee Sin + Kassadin (Scaling and Setup)
Kassadin is an incredible solo queue champion, but he can also be played in a duo with popular jungle picks like Lee Sin. Lee Sin's ultimate has immense power, and when combined with Kassadin's chasing ability, it can push enemies closer to Kassadin, setting up for successful ganks.

ADC + Support

The ADC + Support combo is the most iconic duo in League of Legends. While this duo is great at winning lane, it can face difficulties in the later stages of the game due to assassins and overpowered tanks that can easily run through them.

Kog'Maw + Lulu (Scaling and Hard to Gank)
Kog'Maw + Lulu is a strong combo in the bot lane. Lulu's attack speed buffs complement Kog'Maw's kit, and her E ability can provide him with up to a 20% attack damage boost. Late game, Kog'Maw becomes a major threat to the enemy team, making it hard to take him down.

Twitch + Lulu/Yuumi
Twitch + Lulu/Yuumi is another iconic bot lane smurf duo. Twitch benefits from attack speed buffers like Lulu, but also from adaptive damage buffs like Yuumi. Twitch's stealth ability gives him the advantage, and he can be built either as an AP or AD carry.

Xayah + Rakan
Xayah + Rakan is a highly synergistic bot lane duo. Playing together grants them movement speed and range buffs, making them a lethal combo. Xayah deals insane damage and has high survivability, while Rakan can catch opponents off guard and provide support.

Samira + Nautilus
Samira + Nautilus is a great all-in duo. After level 6, they can go for 2v2 fights whenever their cooldowns are up. In lower ELOs, opponents may underestimate their damage output, leading to incredible results.

Draven + Janna
Draven + Janna is a classic duo. Draven has great all-in potential at level 1, while Janna can support him with her tornado ability. Together, they can dominate the early game and snowball to victory.

Where Can I Find a Duo?

You can find a League of Legends duo on various platforms, including Discord servers, Reddit, and websites such as op.gg and rift.gg. Check out our Discord to connect with other players, stay updated, and participate in giveaways.

Final Thoughts

Smurfing is all about combining strengths to carry a game. However, winning every game is difficult due to factors like inters, quitters, and mental exhaustion. Keep your morale high, find a reliable duo, and dominate the game with the champions listed above. We hope this smurfing guide from Fastsmurfs has been helpful.

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